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Cell Isolation Products

Immunomagnetic and immunodensity cell separation technologies

Isolate cells in as little as 8 minutes with the unique cell separation technologies. EasySep™, RoboSep™, RosetteSep™ and SepMate™ are fast, easy and column-free, while StemSep™ provides versatile cell isolation in a column-based format.

Immunomagnetic Cell Separation Products

EasySep™ Fast, Easy and Column-Free Cell Isolation

Cell isolation using an EasySep™ cell separation magnet

Typical Sample Source:

PBMCs, Splenocytes, Leuko Paks, Whole Blood


  • Isolate highly purified cells in as little as 8 minutes without columns
  • Cells are immediately ready for downstream analysis
  • Isolate cells from virtually any sample source or size
  • Fully automate using RoboSep™ cell separation technology

RoboSep™ Fully Automated Cell Isolation

Typical Sample Source:

PBMCs, Splenocytes, Leuko Paks, Whole Blood


  • Perform sequential or simultaneous cell separation from up to 16 samples
  • Minimize sample handling and eliminate cross-contamination
  • Use fast and easy pre-programmed protocols for routine cell isolation or custom protocols for special applications

StemSep™ Column-Based Cell Isolation

Typical Sample Source:

PBMCs, Splenocytes, Bone Marrow


  • A wide selection of antibodies are available for custom separations
  • Cell isolation reagents can be used on other immunomagnetic column-based systems including manual and automated systems
  • Magnetic particles do not interfere with subsequent FACS analysis or other downstream applications
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Column-Free Immunodensity Cell Separation Products

RosetteSep™ Cell Isolation Directly From Whole Blood

Typical Sample Source:

Whole Blood


  • Isolate untouched cells directly from whole blood during standard density gradient centrifugation
  • No columns, magnets or special training required
  • Combine RosetteSep™ with SepMate™ to reduce centrifugation time and minimize variability

SepMate™ Hassle-Free PBMC Isolation

Typical Sample Source:

Whole Blood


  • Isolate PBMCs directly from whole blood in just 15 minutes
  • Avoid the need for slow and laborious sample layering over density gradient medium
  • Simply pour off PBMCs after centrifugation
  • Minimize variability between separations
  • Combine with RosetteSep™ to isolate specific cell subsets

SepMate™ Density Gradient Media

Cell Source:

Peripheral whole blood, cord blood, bone marrow

For Enrichment of

Mononuclear cells (MNCs)


1.077 g/mL

Cost-effective Alternative to Ficoll® Compatible with

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