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We have simplified our standard shipping charges to mitigate customer exposure to the unpredictable costs of heavy liquid and ice. Shipping charges are now calculated based on both the total value of the shipment and the shipping conditions of the order, not the weight of the shipment. Products that require the addition of dry ice or ice packs fall into a different calculation tier than orders shipped at room temperature.

All North American orders are shipped (FOB-ORIGIN) from STEMCELL Technologies, Vancouver, BC, Canada, or STEMCELL Technologies Seattle, WA, USA, freight pre-paid and added to your invoice as a separate item. Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 working days, depending upon the time of day we receive the order. Shipments are sent every Monday to Thursday via overnight courier service for delivery on the next business day.

STEMCELL Technologies is actively working to minimize costs while providing effective shipping solutions. Our shipping charges are published below. Please contact your customer service agent or local sales representative for more information.

Shipping Charges

Standard shipping charges are calculated as follows (excluding instruments):

Order Value
Room Temperature Shipment
Ice Pack or Dry Ice Shipment
Under $1,000
$1,000 - $1,999.99
$2,000 - $9,999.99
$10,000 - $19,999.99
$20,000 - $49,999.99
Over $50,000

Due to the large packaging of SepMate™ products, there is an additional surcharge applied for air freight delivery. This surcharge is waived when SepMate™ products are shipped via surface carriers (additional shipping time); please contact your customer service agent or local sales representative for more information. For online orders, you can select between air or ground shipping method at checkout where applicable.

Additional Air Surcharge
Additional Ground Surcharge
100 Tubes
500 Tubes

Standard shipping charges for instruments:

Freight Charge