Cell Therapy Research

Cell therapy research involves investigating novel ways to use cells to treat diseases or disorders. Cell-based therapies resulting from this research have the potential to treat a range of systemic diseases by acting as "living drugs".

A variety of cell types may be used as cell therapies, including hematopoietic stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, immune cells, and more. These cells may be purified (e.g. bone marrow transplants), expanded, or further manipulated through genome editing (e.g. CAR T cells).

What is cell therapy?

Cell therapy is a therapeutic intervention involving the transfer of live cells into patients. As cell therapy research and clinical trials progress, the number of clinical applications for cell therapy continues to increase. Cell therapy can potentially be used for the treatment of hematological malignancies, solid tumors, non-malignant hematological disorders, and autoimmune diseases, among other conditions.

What types of cells can be used for cell therapy?

A variety of cell types may be used as cell therapies, including hematopoietic stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, and immune cells (e.g. T cells, NK cells). Prior to use, these cells may be purified, expanded, or further manipulated through genome editing. For example, T cells can be engineered to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), which are synthetic transmembrane receptors that help redirect T cell specificity (e.g. toward cancer cells).

What are some challenges in the field of cell therapy?

There are many steps involved in producing cell therapies, each with its own challenges. Researchers need to obtain an adequate number of cells with the desired phenotypes, effectively perform genetic modifications, and evaluate the potency of the cell therapy. Manufacturers also face many challenges, including navigating the regulatory landscape and solving complex manufacturing and product delivery logistics.

What tools and technologies are used in cell therapy research?

A wide variety of tools and technologies are required to perform cell therapy research, including tools for cell isolation, activation, expansion, differentiation, and characterization. STEMCELL can support your immune cell, hematopoietic cell, and stem cell therapy research with our specialized cell culture media and cell isolation products. For personalized support and tailored solutions, we offer a Services for Cell Therapy Program that can also help you navigate the cell therapy manufacturing landscape.

Resources for Cell Therapy Research

With new publications, clinical trials, techniques, and technologies, cell therapy research is evolving quickly. To help you explore this exciting and complex field, we have collected a series of scientific resources in the research areas below: