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Successful Scientists Are Not Just Smart—They Work Smart.

As part of our mission to be Scientists Helping Scientists, we surveyed life science researchers to uncover not only their biggest challenges, but also the most valuable lessons they've learned throughout their career. A staggering 82% of survey respondents indicate that they sometimes feel overwhelmed at work. They feel the demands of scientific research. Do you? See what others have to say.

Despite these demands, scientists can rise to the top. Our survey indicates that working efficiently is key for success. That's why the most successful scientists are not just smart—they work smart.

How to Work Smart in the Lab

Scientists who work efficiently accomplish more in less time and with less effort. Every improvement in efficiency can add up and help researchers meet the demands of science. We know because we are scientists. So we're sharing these tips that we’ve implemented to make our research more efficient.

View all articles for more useful tips, and access our collection of free templates, checklists and spreadsheets to help you implement the above tips.

Share Your Best Advice for the Next Generation of Scientists.

Pass on your wisdom to the next generation of scientists by submitting your most valuable tips that have helped you work smart in the lab.

A Smarter, More Efficient Way to Isolate Cells

How much time does it take you to isolate cells? There are ways to separate cells efficiently, wasting less time and effort without compromising reliability, purity and recovery. Watch this short video to find out how:

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