How Do We Define Our Media?

Our cell culture media and supplements are available in a variety of different formulations, depending on the components used in their preparation.

Animal Component-Free*

  • The finished product does not contain any ingredient that is either an animal (including human) tissue or body fluid or that is isolated or purified froman animal tissue or body fluid.
  • May contain recombinant animal or non-animal proteins, including those produced in animal cell lines or by fermentation processes.
  • Animal-derived components may have been used as raw materials at the secondary or tertiary level of manufacturing, unless otherwise indicated.


  • Does not contain serum, plasma or hemolymph as an ingredient.
  • May contain ingredients that are processed or derived from blood, serum or plasma such as albumin, transferrin, low-density lipids, hormones and platelet lysate.
  • May contain other biological ingredients that are not serum, plasma or hemolymph (e.g., tissue extracts such as bovine pituitary extract, platelet lysate, growth factors, hormones and carrier proteins).

Chemically Defined*

  • Ingredients have a known chemical structure (defined by a chemical formula). Examples include small molecules, salts, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and steroids.
  • Does not contain proteins, hydrolysates, or other ingredients with a complex structure or unknown composition.


  • Does not contain proteins or polypeptides as ingredients.
  • May contain free amino acids, dipeptides or tripeptides derived from non-animal sources.
  • May contain plant, yeast or bacterial hydrolysates.


  • Does not contain ingredients derived from non-human animals.
  • Does not contain recombinant materials made from non-human animal DNA sequences.
  • May contain purified, processed or unprocessed materials from human sources.
  • May contain recombinant materials made from human, plant, bacterial, or yeast DNA sequences, but may not contain recombinant materials made from non-human animal DNA sequences.
  • Animal-derived components may have been used as raw materials at the secondary or tertiary level of manufacturing, unless otherwise indicated.

Animal Origin-Free*

  • The finished product is not manufactured using any raw material ingredients derived from an animal (including human) tissue, cell or body fluid (i.e. at the primary level of manufacturing); no animal-derived materials are used as starting material or in the primary level manufacturing process.
  • The components used to manufacture the raw material ingredients are not derived from an animal tissue, cell or body fluid (i.e. at the secondary level of manufacturing).
  • Ingredients and components may be produced by or extracted from plants, bacteria or yeast, or cell-free systems derived from them, or may be produced by organic synthesis.
  • May include recombinant proteins expressed in plants or microorganisms.

*Animal-Related Product Information:
For products classified as animal component-free (ACF), animal origin-free (AOF), xeno-free (XF) or chemically defined (CD), STEMCELL Technologies verifies that raw materials meet our internal animal origin requirements. STEMCELL relies on supplier-provided documentation for information related to ingredient origin and composition, including the use of animal-derived materials during the manufacturing process. Not all information may be known beyond the ingredient level. STEMCELL’s manufacturing and packaging facilities are multi-use.

**Secondary level of raw materials include starting materials used to manufacture a component that is then directly used as a primary-level ingredient to manufacture the finished product.

Intended Use Statements:
Unless otherwise indicated, STEMCELL products are provided for research use only, not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use. STEMCELL provides some products that have been CE Marked in the European Union, according to the 98/79/EC In Vitro Diagnostic Device Directive, and which comply with its requirements.

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