Sample Request: mTeSR™ Plus Feeder-Free hPSC Maintenance Medium

Now manufactured under cGMP, mTeSR™ Plus can help you to seamlessly move your research towards drug and/or cell therapy development, while maintaining all of the benefits of our most complete hPSC maintenance medium.

Why is mTeSR™ Plus the right choice to help you take your cells further?

STABILIZED. Enhanced buffering and stabilized components including FGF2 support cell quality while allowing for alternate feeding schedules.

ENHANCED GROWTH. Supports superior culture morphology and cell growth characteristics.

EFFICIENT CLONING. Higher cloning efficiencies and clones ready to be picked at an earlier time point when used with CloneR™

STREAMLINED. Fully compatible with established genome editing and differentiation protocols.

REGULATED. Manufactured under relevant cGMPs providing critical traceability and a viral safe profile, for use as an ancillary material.