Automation of key laboratory processes can significantly improve the efficiency of your research program. Incorporating an automated platform into your assay or sample processing workflow also improves standardization and facilitates the tracking of processes while increasing throughput and minimizing hands-on time, thus allowing for more effective use of skilled personnel time.

Why Use Automation?

  • Achieve standardization of assays, procedures and sample processing.
  • Reduce hands-on time for skilled personnel.
  • Increased throughput.



RoboSep™, the fully automated cell isolation platform, is designed to streamline your cell isolation. The RoboSep™-S and RoboSep™-16 instruments offer true walk-away automation while retaining the speed and simplicity of EasySep™ with as little as 5 minutes of hands-on time.


  • Automate cell isolation
  • Streamline and increase sample throughput
  • Obtain cells that are immediately ready for downstream applications
  • Perform sequential or simultaneous cell isolations
  • Eliminate cross-contamination


STEMvision™ is a computer-operated bench-top instrument that automatically counts colonies in CFU assays of human or mouse hematopoietic cells, significantly improving the accuracy and reproducibility of progenitor cell quantitation. STEMvision™ has been optimized for use with MethoCult™ media and meniscus-free SmartDish™ cultureware.


  • Achieve faster and more accurate counting of colonies than with manual assays
  • Reduce inter- and intra-individual and laboratory variation in colony counting
  • Save time in staff training and lab workflow
  • Record digital images of cultures for permanent record keeping
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Warranties and Support Packages

Warranty Coverage Provides Superior User Support Through:

  • Immediate assistance by phone
  • Remote technical support by an Instrument Specialist
  • Same-day decision on recommended course of action
  • Temporary replacement units
  • On-site support by an Instrument Specialist
  • All parts, labor, travel and other expenses required to complete a repair
For more information about warranties and service packages download the Instrument Service Brochure.

Summary of Service Options

Service Option Description
Break-Fix If you are in need of repair, our Technical Support team will perform remote diagnostics and issue a quote for the estimated cost of repair. Upon completion of the repair, an invoice will be issued for the actual costs incurred.
Preventative Maintenance (PM) Includes regular visits by a trained instrument specialist for instrument maintenance and verification.
The instrument specialist will help identify issues with your system and advise you if your instrument needs upgrades or replacement parts.
Warranty Includes all labor and services required for the diagnosis and repair of your instrument, should issues arise.
Covers costs associated for repairs such as replacement parts, workmanship in mechanical or electrical parts, components or assemblies.
Covers shipping/travel charges required during repair.
A temporary replacement unit is provided, if required, for the duration of the repair for applicable instruments.
IQ/OQ/IPV Includes visit by a trained instrument specialist to perform Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification and Instrument Performance Verification.
The instrument specialist will help identify issues with your system and advise you if your instrument needs upgrades or replacement parts.
Includes audit-quality report with detailed information on instrument performance for your records and for presenting to your regulatory body.

For more details on the services options download the Instrument Service Brochure.

Ordering Information for Service Options

Product Catalog #
RoboSep™‑S RoboSep™‑16 RoboSep™-C STEMvision™
1-Year Warranty 21200 23200 500-0050 22201
Preventative Maintenance Visit (for an instrument without an active Warranty) 21203 23203 500-0052 22202
1-Year Warranty with 1 Preventative Maintenance Visit 21202 23202 500-0051 22203
Additional Preventative Maintenance Visit (for an instrument on an active Warranty) 21209 23209 500-0053 22209
IQ/OQ/IPV 21206 - 500-0054 22206
IQ/OQ/IPV and Preventative Maintenance Visit 21210 - - 22207
IQ/OQ/IPV plus 1-Year Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Visit 21211 - - 22208


Software Updates

Our software development team regularly releases new updates for instruments. The latest software versions are below.
Please read release notes carefully before deciding to download new installer and upgrade your instrument.

RoboSep™-S Software Version

Release Notes

RoboSep™-16 Software Version

Release Notes

STEMvision™ Software Version 2021.05.07.00

Release Notes

Technical Resources


Watch a series of videos that provide an overview on how to use and maintain your RoboSep™-S.


Watch this introductory video to learn how STEMvision™ works.

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