CellPore™ Transfection System

Cell mechanoporation system for transfection & intracellular delivery

CellPore™ Transfection System

Cell mechanoporation system for transfection & intracellular delivery

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Cell mechanoporation system for transfection & intracellular delivery
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As scientists dedicated to helping our peers overcome challenges with intracellular delivery, our dissatisfaction with existing tools drove us to develop this high-performance, user-friendly microfluidic transfection system. The CellPore™ Transfection System was designed to empower scientists to unlock new possibilities and set new standards for cell engineering applications.

Eric Ouellet, PhD Senior Scientist
Eric Ouellet, Senior Scientist


Achieve efficient cytosolic delivery of target cargoes (e.g. nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules) into human unactivated immune and hematopoietic stem cells, without altering cell quality, using the CellPore™ Transfection System. Intuitively optimize and fine-tune your cell engineering experiments to achieve high delivery rates and viability.

Our easy-to-use transfection system offers customization and flexibility for delivering a range of cargoes into hard-to-transfect cells with minimal cell perturbations. It can help you achieve superior viability and delivery compared to other cell transfection methods, all with minimal protocol adjustments and seamless integration into existing workflows. The CellPore™ Transfection System is a microfluidic platform that uses compressed air to flow cells through parallel channels in order to temporarily disrupt the cell membrane (also known as mechanoporation) to facilitate intracellular delivery of target materials directly into the cytosol.

Note that a compressed air cylinder is required to operate the instrument, and is not included. It must be purchased separately from a third-party supplier. For more information on sourcing gas cylinders, visit the CellPore™ Transfection System Accessories page.

For more information about CellPore™, including the intracellular delivery technology used in the CellPore™ Transfection System, visit the CellPore™ overview page. Additionally, explore our instrumentation overview page or download our instrument service brochure for more information about our instrument services, including warranty and additional service packages.
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