CellPore™ Transfection System Accessories

Compressed Gas

The CellPore™ Transfection System, which delivers target cargoes directly to the cytosol of cells, requires compressed gas to function. Gas cylinders are not included with the instrument and must be purchased separately from a third-party supplier. Below is a list of recommended suppliers that provide compatible gas cylinders for use with the CellPore™ Transfection System.

Note: The system is designed to operate with nitrogen or Zero Air calibration gas cylinders. Only nitrogen or Zero Air gas should be used. Do not use CO2 or flammable gas with the CellPore™ Transfection System.

Product Name
Cal Gas Direct Incorporated
PO BOX 7381
Huntington Beach, CA. 92615
GASCO 103L-1 | Zero Air Calibration
Gas | 20.9% O2 Balance Nitrogen a
103 Liter Cylinder C-10 Connection
Suite 1200
Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 1M2
EU and UK
Unit 21/22, Rosevale Road,
Parkhouse Industrial Estate West,
Staffordshire, ST5 7EF
United Kingdom
6D ZERO AIR (103L)
Air Liquide
No, 2 Venture Drive
#22-28 Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526
6D ZERO AIR (103L)
Air Liquide
Level 12
600 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
6D ZERO AIR (103L)

For more information about CellPore™, including the intracellular delivery technology used in the CellPore™ Transfection System, visit the CellPore™ overview page.

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