SepMate™ PBMC Isolation Tubes

Hassle-Free PBMCs in Just 15 Minutes

SepMate™ is an innovative tube that enables consistent and hassle-free peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation in just 15 minutes. The typical PBMC isolation protocol is laborious, requiring slow layering of blood on density gradient medium (e.g. Lymphoprep™, Ficoll-Paque™), lengthy 30-minute centrifugation with the brake off, and careful harvest of PBMCs using a pipette. SepMate™ simplifies and speeds up the PBMC isolation protocol to an easy 15-minute procedure. The SepMate™ insert allows users to quickly layer blood over the density gradient medium, and prevents the layers from mixing. Centrifugation is performed with the brake on, after which isolated PBMCs are simply poured off into a fresh tube. Read a SepMate™ review on Biocompare.

The Advantage of Using SepMate™ Tubes

Learn how SepMate™ tubes can simplify your density gradient centrifugation and speed up your PBMC isolation protocol.

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Why Use SepMate™ PBMC Isolation Tubes?

  • Say goodbye to slow and laborious sample layering over the density gradient medium.
  • Centrifuge for just 10 minutes with the brake on and simply pour off PBMCs into a new tube.
  • Minimize variability between users.
  • Can be combined with RosetteSep™ to isolate specific cell subsets.

How to Isolate PBMCs Using SepMate™

This technical video shows the procedure for isolating peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from whole blood in just 15 minutes using SepMate™ tubes.

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SepMate™ is manufactured following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and tubes are sterilized by irradiation. SepMate™ is registered as an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) device in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States for the isolation of mononuclear cells from whole blood or bone marrow by density gradient centrifugation. In China SepMate™ is considered a non-medical device by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), and should therefore be used as general laboratory equipment. The end user is responsible for determining whether the product is suitable for their specific application. In regions outside of Australia, Canada, China, Europe and the United States SepMate™ is available as a Research Use Only (RUO) product.


SepMate™-15 for PBMC isolation

Blood Volume Processed

0.5 - 5 mL

Unit Size

100 tubes
500 tubes

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SepMate™-50 for PBMC isolation

Blood Volume Processed

4 -17 mL

Unit Size

100 tubes
500 tubes

Accessory Products

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I tested the SepMate™ tubes yesterday and they worked… fantastically! I ran in parallel the same sample with my standard protocol and the cell recovery was the same (in a quarter of the time, of course).

Esperanza Perucha, PhD, King’s College London

The Typical SepMate™ PBMC Isolation Protocol

Typical SepMate™ PBMC isolation protocol

Try SepMate™ tubes in your own lab.

I have recently completed a project isolating a rare population of NK cells ... Using SepMate™ tubes significantly reduced the ficoll-based density centrifugation process. I found it very ergonomically supportive as well because layering blood on the ficoll cushion is fast and facile so your shoulder is not stressed compared to the traditional layering. The quality of cells, measured by % of dead cells, were about 20% higher. SepMate™ is the ideal solution for laboratories having high rates of blood samples per day. It lowers the cost by reducing the tech time.

Dr. Amina Kariminia, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Combine SepMate™ and RosetteSep™ to Isolate Specific Cell Subsets from Whole Blood in 25 Minutes

To isolate purified cell subsets from whole blood, simply incubate your sample with the appropriate RosetteSep™ cocktail for 10 minutes prior to pipetting onto density medium in a SepMate™ tube. During centrifugation unwanted leukocytes pellet along with red blood cells, leaving untouched and highly purified target cells at the interface between the plasma and the density gradient medium above the insert. After centrifugation, simply pour highly purified target cells into a new tube. No columns or magnets are necessary, and minimal training is required. Just incubate, spin, and pour off purified cells.

Combining SepMate™ and RosetteSep™ to isolate cells from whole blood

The NK Cell Cytoxicity Case Study discusses a publication from Dr. Ajay Jain’s lab at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, which used the RosetteSep™ and SepMate™ system to reduce NK cell isolation time from four hours to a single hour for a 450 mL unit of blood.

Watch a video showing how to combine SepMate™ with RosetteSep™ for fast cell subset isolation directly from whole blood.

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