Mammary Epithelial Cell Research

Mammary stem cells along with mammary luminal and myoepithelial progenitor cells, are found in the mammary gland and undergo expansion and differentiation when required to support the organ’s morphological changes during development, puberty, pregnancy, lactation and involution. See MoreIsolate mammary stem and progenitor cells from mammary tissue with our enzymatic dissociation reagents to generate a single cell suspension. Enrich for the desired cell type using one of our column-free immunomagnetic cell isolation kits that are designed for mammary cell research. This produces a highly pure sample ready for cell culture and mammary colony-forming unit (Ma-CFU) assays

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  • Cell Culture Flask

    Tissue culture-treated cell culture flask; T-75 cm², T-150 cm² and T-175 cm² formats