Mammary Epithelial Cell Research

Mammary epithelial progenitor cells undergo differentiation to form luminal and myoepithelial cells, the two major epithelial cell types of the mammary gland. See More Expand isolated mammary progenitor cells as monolayer cultures, evaluate them in mammary colony-forming units (Ma-CFUs) or three-dimensional gel-based cultures, or generate mammosphere or tumorsphere cultures to provide a more physiologically relevant environment. For mammosphere and tumorsphere cultures, use the most published commercially available medium designed for this purpose and study cells isolated from normal and cancerous breast tissue.

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Cell Culture Media and Supplements 4 (8)

Buffers and Solutions 4 (1)

Cytokines and Proteins 4 (18)

Small Molecules 4 (9)

  • BSI-201

    Cysteine-containing protein modifier; Inhibits growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells
  • Indomethacin

    Inhibits COX-1 and COX-2
  • NU7441

    NHEJ pathway inhibitor; Inhibits DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK)
  • (Z)-4-Hydroxytamoxifen

    Estrogen signaling pathway modulator; Modulates selective estrogen receptor and estrogen-related receptor

Matrices and Substrates 4 (1)

Tissue and Cell Culture Dissociation Reagents 4 (2)

Cell Dyes and Detection Assay Kits 4 (2)

Cultureware and General Supplies 4 (4)