hPSC-Derived Endoderm Cell Research

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) have the ability to differentiate to cells of all three germ layers: endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm. See MorehPSCs directed toward the endoderm lineage can be further differentiated to cells of the digestive and respiratory tracts, including lung, liver, pancreas and intestine. Use our definitive endoderm (DE) differentiation kit to ensure efficient and reproducible differentiation of hPSCs to functional DE cells in as little as 2 days, before downstream differentiation to your cell type of interest or assaying cell functionality. Or use our pancreatic progenitor kit to direct hPSC differentiation to functional pancreatic progenitor cells capable of beta cell maturation.

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Cell Culture Media and Supplements (410)

Tissue and Cell Culture Dissociation Reagents (41)

Matrices and Substrates (41)

  • Vitronectin XF™

    Vitronectin XF™

    Defined, xeno-free matrix that supports the growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells under serum-free, feeder-free conditions

Cytokines and Proteins (414)

Small Molecules (45)

  • Sodium Butyrate

    Sodium Butyrate

    Epigenetic modifier; Inhibits histone deacetylase
  • CHIR99021


    WNT pathway activator; Inhibits GSK3
  • Y-27632 (Dihydrochloride)


    RHO/ROCK pathway inhibitor; Inhibits ROCK1 and ROCK2
  • IDE1


    Activin/BMP/TGF-β pathway activator

Antibodies (41)

Buffers and Solutions (41)