Intestinal Organoids

The intestinal epithelium is a rapidly renewing tissue that can undergo complete cellular replacement every four to five days. These regenerative properties make the intestinal epithelium an attractive system for researchers studying epithelial regeneration, adult stem cell biology, disease modelling and cancer biology, both within and outside the context of the intestine.

Explore the resources below for information to support your intestinal research and the growth of intestinal organoids.

Learn more about intestinal organoids with this informative mini-review.

Mini-Review: Intestinal Organoids

Learn more about intestinal organoids and how they are being used to model intestinal development, health, disease across a wide range of research areas.

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Download a copy of the Wiley e-book 'Organoid Research Techniques: Evolution and Applications'

E-book: Organoid Evolution and Applications

Download a copy of the Wiley e-book "Organoid Research Techniques: Evolution and Applications" to learn more about the development of these novel model systems.

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Collage of microscopy images of organoids

Mini-Review: Organoids in Drug Discovery

Learn about the predictive power of organoids in drug discovery with collated research, data, and related educational resources.

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Download this e-book to gain access to protocols for culturing intestinal organoids and more advanced downstream assays.

E-Book: Proven Protocols for Intestinal Organoid Culture

Master the basics of intestinal organoid culture with curated protocols in this e-book.

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