Organoid Research Techniques: Evolution and Applications

Interested in learning more about organoids? Download this practical guide on organoid research techniques.

This e-book covers the evolution of organoid techniques, from their original development and description to updated applications and future outlooks. Discussion of key milestones and annotated reading lists provide further background on many of the topics discussed, as well as other areas for the reader to continue exploring. Both adult stem cell-derived (ASC-derived) and pluripotent stem cell-derived (PSC-derived) organoids from various different tissues are discussed in detail, giving a complete overview of organoid technologies and some of their applications.

In this guide you'll find:

  • An overview of the development of organoid technologies.
  • Discussion of historic milestones and publications that led to the current state of organoid technologies.
  • Detailed case studies on the application of both ASC- and PSC-derived organoid cultures.
  • Discussion of challenges still facing organoid technologies.
  • A look towards the future of organoid technologies and where they are headed.

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