Peripheral Blood Products

To Streamline Your Cell-Based Assays

Peripheral blood (PB) is a rich source of human primary cells that retain key aspects of the tissue of origin and—compared to cell lines—are more reflective of donor variability, including human leukocyte antigen (HLA) type and cytomegalovirus (CMV) status. Increase the physiological relevance of your cell culture systems and generate data that is more predictive of in vivo outcomes by using human PB products in your research.

STEMCELL Technologies offers fresh collections from normal and diseased-state donors, including leukopaks, leukocyte reduction system (LRS) cones, and whole peripheral blood—ideal starting materials for performing cell isolation using manual or automated immunomagnetic, column-free EasySep™ cell isolation kits. We also provide ready-to-use, cryopreserved products including leukopaks and purified PB cells such as peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), isolated immune cell subsets, dendritic cells, neutrophils, macrophages, and disease-state cells, eliminating the need for cell isolation.

Why Choose Peripheral Blood Products from STEMCELL Technologies?

STEMCELL has a comprehensive collection of ethically sourced, cryopreserved or fresh PB primary cell products* to support your research needs. Ensure continuity in your research and start experiments according to your schedule with a reliable supply of high-quality, donor-specific primary cells that are ready to use upon receipt, with guaranteed viability and purity documented in the lot-specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

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Why Use Human Primary Cells from STEMCELL Technologies?

  • Choose cells that are more physiologically representative of cells in vivo.
  • Access donor samples collected using regulatory authority-approved consent forms and protocols.
  • Request custom products for non-standard cell types or collections with specific requirements.
  • Reserve large numbers of cryopreserved cells and start experiments on your schedule with cells you've already tested.
  • Reduce time spent collecting and culturing primary cells.
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Frequently asked questions on primary cells

Frequently Asked Questions on Primary Cells

Find answers to frequently asked questions on our primary cell products.

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Our Peripheral Blood Products Portfolio

Explore our broad range of ethically sourced human PB products to streamline your research:

Whole Peripheral Blood

Whole Peripheral Blood

Choose from a range of volumes and anticoagulants of whole peripheral blood.

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Get large numbers of fresh or frozen single-donor PBMCs in a selection of leukopak sizes.

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LRS Cones or LRS Chambers

LRS Cones or LRS Chambers

Use LRS cones as a source of viable human white blood cells, including monocyte and lymphocyte populations.

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Human Platelet Lysate

Human Platelet Lysate

Streamline your cell-based assays with our range of ethically sourced human platelet lysate (hPL) products, including xeno-free and GMP-compliant collections.

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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Obtain normal or diseased PBMCs from a large donor pool in convenient sizes for your research. Large quantities are reservable to ensure consistency across your experiments.

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Explore below for examples of our available normal and disease-specific PBMC offerings.

Normal PBMCs

Diseased PBMCs

Learn more about PBMCs by exploring our resources, including protocols, videos, and tools for sourcing, isolating, and cryopreserving human PBMCs.

Cancer Blood Products

Cancer Blood Products

Choose from ethically sourced leukopaks, PBMCs, plasma, and serum from donors diagnosed with a specific solid tumor cancer or hematological cancer.

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Learn more about our comprehensive PB cancer blood products portfolio on our cancer blood products page.

Peripheral Blood Immune Cells

Purified Immune Cells

Choose from a wide range of fresh or frozen immune cell types and subsets, including T cells, B cells, macrophages, monocytes, dendritic cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, and natural killer (NK) cells, and eliminate the need to perform downstream cell isolation.

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Purified Immune Cell Offerings

T Cells

NK Cells

  • NK cells
  • CD56+ cells

B Cells

  • B cells
  • CD19+CD27+ Memory B Cells
  • CD19+ B Cells
  • CD19+CD27- Naïve B Cells

Granulocytes and subsets

  • Eosinophils
  • Neutrophils


  • Monocytes
  • CD14+ Monocytes

Dendritic Cells

  • Immature Dendritic Cells
  • Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells
  • Pan Dendritic Cells
  • Immature Dendritic Cells, ACF-Cultured
  • Mature Dendritic Cells, ACF-Cultured


  • Macrophages
  • M2a Macrophages, SF-Cultured
  • M1 Macrophages, SF-Cultured
  • M0 Macrophages, SF-Cultured

Peripheral Blood Serum

Blood Serum

Maintain and expand your cells with fresh or frozen primary human serum isolated from centrifuged PB.

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Peripheral Blood Plasma

Blood Plasma

Use fresh or frozen primary human plasma isolated from centrifuged PB as a source of human proteins, antibodies, and other biomaterials for your experiments.

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Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products

Mobilized Peripheral Blood Products

Ensure consistency across multiple experiments or large-scale studies by using PBMCs and CD34+ cells isolated from mobilized PB.

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Get the Custom Cell Products and Assay Services You Need

STEMCELL is committed to helping you find the right human primary cells as well as providing expert assay services customized to fit your research specifications and needs.

Contract out your in vitro assays

Primary Cell-Based Assay Services

Partner with our in-house Contract Assay Services (CAS) team to design and complete your drug discovery and development studies. Get the data you require by choosing from our portfolio of standardized assays or discuss your customized needs with our scientific experts.

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Get cells customized to fit your research specifications and needs.

Custom Products

Get custom primary cell products—including unique peripheral blood isolations, collections using alternative anticoagulants, and donor-matched collections, products subjected to additional testing, and more.

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Contact our primary cells team or your sales representative to discuss your specific regulatory or custom product requirements.

Standardize Your Downstream Cell Processes

Explore some of our cell processing technologies and resources to support the standardization of your cell culture workflows.

ThawSTAR® CFT2 Automated Thawing System

Cell Thawing Instrument

Standardize your cell thawing process with the ThawSTAR® CFT2 Automated Thawing System—a sensor-based, water-free instrument that delivers cell thawing profiles similar to those of a water bath in ~2.5 minutes.

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Cell Isolation

Everything You Need to Know About Cell Isolation

Mastering the basic techniques of cell isolation is a valuable skill for any cell biologist. Depending on the intended downstream application for the isolated cells, scientists should consider the performance (i.e. purity and recovery) and efficiency of the cell separation method, as well as the viability and function of the isolated cells. Explore resources to help you choose a cell separation method that meets your research needs while reducing experimental complexity.

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Download your free copy of the Cell Separation Techniques: Everything You Need to Know e-book and turn your big ideas into results with this practical guide.

Cell Counting

Cell Counting Resources

Maximizing efficiency and accuracy when counting cells is essential to determining cell concentrations for plating in culture, determining cell viability, and assessing the results of cell isolation procedures. Access cell counting templates and videos, and start your experiments as you intend to continue—accurately.

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Protocols and Resources for Your Cell-Based Assays

Discover protocols and technical resources to help you work with human primary cells in your research.

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