Cancer Blood Products for Your Immuno-Oncology Research

Harnessing the immune system to fight cancer has been the long-standing objective of immuno-oncology research. Increased investments in cancer immunotherapy have led to exciting advances within this field, including a better understanding of cancer immunopathogenesis and the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

Choosing the right preclinical models is critical for improving lead candidate screening, investigating drug resistance mechanisms, and executing the right clinical development strategy. Improve your predictive preclinical models for drug screening or combination therapies by using physiologically relevant cancer blood products, and characterize patient response while facilitating reverse translational approaches.

Get the Cancer Blood Products You Need

STEMCELL Technologies offers a range of blood products from human patients with solid tumors (liver, kidney, etc.) or hematological cancers (myelofibrosis, acute myeloid leukemia, etc.).* Our frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) sourced from cancer patients are viable, functional, and ready for downstream assays. We also offer fresh peripheral blood and leukopaks from donors diagnosed with cancer, which can be further processed to isolate specific cell types.

STEMCELL can help you reduce experimental uncertainty and support your immuno-oncology research by providing quality off-the-shelf fresh and frozen cancer-sourced blood products and custom-isolated frozen products, such as plasma and serum, that consistently meet your requirements. Choose cancer cells based on your donor specifications and benefit from our range of characterization services to support your specific assays. You can also request information about the tumor stage and treatment history; however, we may not be able to share the exact details of a patient’s current therapeutic regimen.

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Why Use Cancer Blood Products from STEMCELL Technologies?

  • Choose cells that are more physiologically representative of cells in vivo.
  • Access donor samples collected using regulatory authority-approved consent forms and protocols.
  • Request custom products for non-standard cell types or collections with specific requirements.
  • Reserve large numbers of cryopreserved cells and start experiments on your schedule with cells you've already tested.
  • Reduce time spent collecting and culturing cancer-sourced primary cells.
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Frequently asked questions on primary cells

Frequently Asked Questions on Primary Cells

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Solid Tumor Cancer Blood Products

Our solid tumor offerings* include samples of peripheral blood collected from patients with solid tumors. These samples can be used to study tumor immunology as well as identify unique metastatic tumor markers when studying systemic effects of cancer on the immune system.

Product options include cancer-sourced whole blood, one-tenth leukopaks, frozen PBMCs, and custom-isolated frozen products, such as plasma and serum, for the following cancer types:

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Hematological Cancer Blood Products

We offer primary cell products* for hematological cancers that begin in blood-forming tissue, such as the bone marrow, or in the cells of the immune system. Applications for these products range from evaluating how a drug may affect cancer cell growth, to comparing the cell functions in cancer patients and healthy donors.

Options include cancer-sourced frozen PBMCs and custom-isolated frozen products, such as plasma and serum, for the following cancer types:

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Efficient Cell Isolation Technologies to Support Your Downstream Applications

It is important for you to choose cell separation technologies that will help you maximize efficiency while giving you the highly purified, functional cells you need for your specific application. Explore our manual and automated cell separation methodologies that can support your research needs while reducing experimental complexity.

EasySep™ cell separation technology

EasySep™ Immunomagnetic Cell Separation

Isolate cells with a simple pour, in as little as 8 minutes.

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RoboSep™ automated cell separation instrument

RoboSep™ Automated Immunomagnetic Cell Separation

Isolate cells from up to 16 samples at once with minimal hands-on time.

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RosetteSep™ immunodensity cell separation

RosetteSep™ Immunodensity Cell Isolation

Isolate human cell subsets directly from whole blood during density gradient centrifugation.

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SepMate™ PBMC Isolation Tubes

SepMate™ PBMC Isolation Tubes

Isolate PBMCs in just 15 minutes.

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Protocols and Resources for Your Immuno-Oncology Research

Find protocols and technical resources to help you work with cancer cells in your research.

*Certain products are only available in select territories. Please contact your sales representative or the Product & Scientific Support team at for further information.