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The drug development process is long, complex, and competitive. Though billions of dollars and hours of your time are spent investigating novel drug compounds, only a minority of these make it through the initial research stages and even fewer make it to the clinic.

Get to more promising compounds quicker by optimizing your viability assays with our products, services, and resources.

Find out why STEMCELL Technologies is the right cell supplier for your study.

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Our ethically sourced human primary cell portfolio includes fresh or cryopreserved products from peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow. In addition, STEMCELL's Contract Assay Services (CAS) specializes in primary cell-based assays and can work with you to design and perform your drug development studies.

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Optimize Your Cell Counts

How accurate are your cell counts? Counting cells can be a laborious and time-consuming task; however, it is an essential part of your experimental workflow.

We have compiled a set of downloadable templates and other technical resources to help you maximize your efficiency and accuracy when counting cells. Access cell counting templates and videos and start your experiments as you intend to continue—accurately.

Explore some of our webinars at the links below to learn more about research into cancer immunotherapy and gene therapy, including the use of humanized mouse models, qualification of immuno-oncology candidates, and in vitro or xenograft models of myeloid malignancies.

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