T Cell Research

Choose from our ImmunoCult™ Human T Cell Activators to stimulate human T cells in the absence of magnetic beads, feeder cells, or antigen. See More

Once activated, T cells can be cultured and expanded in our optimized serum- and xeno-free ImmunoCult™-XF T Cell Expansion Medium.

High yields of T cells can also be differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) or cord blood-derived CD34+ cells using STEMdiff™ T Cell Kit or StemSpan™ T Cell Generation Kit, respectively.

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From sourcing your starting sample to downstream T cell analysis, explore our complete portfolio of products to support your human T cell research workflow.

We combined the ImmunoCult™ Human CD3/CD28/CD2 T Cell Activator with RosetteSep™ Human CD4+ T Cell Enrichment Cocktail and this resulted in a very powerful combination. It's important to point out that these CD4+ T cells are from HIV+ patients, whose CD4 T cells are supposed to be impaired, which is even more evidence that the combination is powerful.

John Zaunders, St. Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research


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