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Neural Stem and Progenitor Cell Research

Primary antibodies are available for the characterization of neural stem cells, neural progenitor cells and their progeny. See MorePrimary neural progenitor cells can also be labeled live with the membrane-permeable fluorescent probe NeuroFluor™ CDr3. The labeled cells can be visualized using fluorescent imaging, quantified using flow cytometry, and isolated using fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).The ALDEFLUOR™ fluorescent reagent system offers a novel approach to the non-immunological identification, evaluation and isolation of neural stem and progenitor cells.

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  • NeuroFluor™ CDr3

    NeuroFluor™ CDr3

    Membrane-permeable fluorescent probe for the detection of neural progenitor cells


    For the identification, evaluation and isolation of stem and progenitor cells expressing high levels of ALDH
  • CFSE


    Cell proliferation and tracking dye

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