Comparing Cell Separation Platforms from STEMCELL Technologies

STEMCELL Technologies is a leader in cell separation technology, & we offer multiple cell separation platforms, to suit different research needs

STEMCELL Technologies is a leader in cell separation technology, and we offer multiple cell separation platforms, to suit different research needs. To help explain the differences between the cell separation technologies, please refer to the table below.


EasySep™ Direct


How does it work?

EasySep™ uses a bispecific tetrameric antibody complex (TAC). One side binds to the target cell, and the other side binds to the EasySep™ magnetic particles. For positive selection kits, the TAC binds to the desired cells. For negative enrichment, the TAC cocktail targets the unwanted cells for depletion.

EasySep™ Direct is our newest cell separation technology, for isolating cells directly from whole blood. EasySep™ Direct uses a TAC cocktail to label the unwanted cells, platelets and RBCs in whole blood, and depletes them using magnetic particles, all in one easy step.

RosetteSep™ is used to isolate cells from whole blood samples, without using a magnet. Like EasySep™, it uses a bispecific TAC. The TAC links the undesired cells to the red blood cells, forming rosettes. When centrifuged over a buoyant density medium, the dense rosettes are pulled into the RBC pellet beneath the density gradient medium. The desired purified cells are left in the leukocyte band above the density gradient medium.

Is a magnet required?

Yes. Most EasySep™ kits are compatible with most of the EasySep™ magnet sizes. Please refer to the EasySep™ magnet comparison table for more information.

Yes. EasySep™ Direct kits can be used with the EasySep™ (purple), Big Easy (silver), Easy50 (black) or EasyEights™ magnets. Please see the EasySep™ magnet comparison table for more information.

No magnet is required. Used in combination with a density gradient medium, such as Lymphoprep, and requires a centrifugation step. For increased ease of separation, you can also use RosetteSep™ with SepMate™-50 or SepMate™-15 tubes.

What sample type can be used?

Kits are available for either human PBMCs or whole blood. Buffy coat and Leukopak samples may be used as well. For more information, please consult the appropriate Product Information Sheet for each kit.

Mouse-specific kits are also available, for isolating cells from spleen and other tissues.

Human whole blood

Human whole blood

For kit-specific information and protocols, please refer to the individual Product Information Sheet.

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