T Cell Engineering

Personalized cell therapy has become a growing option for treatment of cancer and many other ailments. See MoreUsing engineered T cells that express chimeric antigen receptors or modified T cell receptors are becoming pivotal new approaches for targeting cancer cells.

The process of manufacturing genetically-­modified T cells for cancer therapies or other applications may initially require the isolation of T cells or T cell subsets from Leukopaks or whole blood samples . STEMCELL Technologies provides fast, easy and column­-free immunomagnetic or immunodensity cell separation platforms for the isolation of highly purified T cells in as little as 8 minutes. The purified cells are immediately ready for T cell activation and expansion, the next steps in the T cell engineering workflow.

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From sourcing your starting sample to downstream T cell analysis, explore our complete portfolio of products to support your human T cell research workflow.


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