Perhaps one of the most exciting advances in stem cell research of the past decade has been the development of organoid culture techniques. Organoids are three-dimensional cell cultures that incorporate some of the key features and functions of the represented organ. These versatile model systems have broad applicability and have seen rapid adoption in both basic and industrial research contexts, due to their enhanced relevance to the in vivo organ and the ease with which they can be manipulated in vitro.


Cell Culture Media and Supplements 4 (32)

Small Molecules 4 (1)

  • LY411575

    Notch pathway inhibitor; Inhibits γ-secretase

Primary and Cultured Cells 4 (3)

Cytokines and Proteins 4 (1)

Training and Education 4 (1)

Genome Editing and Molecular Tools 4 (1)

  • dNTP Mix

    A solution containing sodium salts of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP, each at 10mM