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Isolate Human Immune Cells

Use EasySep™ for highly purified cells in as little as 8 minutes

EasySep™ 8-Minute Human Cell Isolation Kits
Isolate human immune cells in as little as 8 minutes with the next-generation EasySep™ human cell isolation kits featuring RapidSpheres™. Isolated cells are highly purified, functional and ready for immediate downstream use. These fast and easy human cell isolation kits are compatible with a variety of EasySep™ magnets for processing a wide range of sample volumes.

Why Use EasySep™?

  • Isolate human immune cells in as little as 8 minutes from PBMCs or Leuko Paks.
  • With no columns or washes, the simple EasySep™ pour-off is gentle on your cells.
  • Achieve purities of up to 99%.
  • Process cells from multiple samples over a wide range of sizes at the same time.

How Does EasySep™ Work?

Typical EasySep™ Human Cell Isolation Protocol (Negative Selection)

Typical Profile

Figure 1. Typical EasySep™ Human T Cell Isolation Profile

Starting with human PBMCs, the T cell content (CD3+) of the isolated fraction is typically 96.7 ± 1.5% (mean ± SD for the purple EasySep™ Magnet).

Table 1. Typical purities for specific cell types isolated using EasySep™ Human Cell Isolation Kits

Cell Type Typical Purity (mean ± SD)
T cells 96.7 ± 1.5%
CD4+ T cells 94.8 ± 2.3%
CD8+ T cells 85.6 ± 4.9%
NK cells 85.0 ± 8.0%
B cells 95.1 ± 1.4%
Naïve B cells 94.9 ± 2.2%