Vitronectin XF™ Defined Matrix for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Vitronectin XF™ (Catalog #07180) is an effective alternative to Corning® Matrigel®. Vitronectin XF™ is a defined, xeno-free cell culture matrix that supports the growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells. When used with mTeSR™1, mTeSR™ Plus, or TeSR™-E8™ media, Vitronectin XF™ provides a completely defined culture system for the maintenance of human ES cells and iPS cells under feeder-free conditions.

Tip: We recommend diluting Vitronectin XF™ in CellAdhere™ Dilution Buffer (Catalog #07183) for consistent results and optimal coating of plates with the matrix.

In-house experiments have tested both CellAdhere™ Dilution Buffer and PBS for diluting the matrix, and found that the amount of protein attached to the plate was significantly less when standard PBS was used rather than CellAdhere™ Dilution Buffer. When the protein concentration for coating was reduced, we found variability in both the degree of attachment and the morphology of pluripotent stem cell cultures.

In addition, when using Vitronectin-XF, it is important to use non tissue culture-treated dishes (e.g. Non Tissue Culture-Treated 6-well Plates, (Catalog #27147) to ensure that the protein fully attaches to the cultureware.

For your convenience, the Vitronectin XF™ Kit (Catalog #07190) provides all the required reagents for enzyme-free passaging and plating of pluripotent stem cell cultures, including the matrix, dilution buffer, plates and Gentle Cell Dissociation Reagent (Catalog #07174).

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