Total Lymphocyte Research

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that direct immune responses against infections and foreign materials. See MoreThese cells are derived from common lymphoid progenitors in the bone marrow, and are generally characterized by a large nucleus surrounded by a nongranular cytoplasm. The three major types of lymphocytes are T cells, B cells and NK cells. Adaptive immune responses are mediated by T and B cells, while NK cells play an important role during innate immune responses, as well as modulating the adaptive immune response.

For a convenient source of ready-to-use cells, choose cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells or purified lymphocytes. We also offer fresh1,2 peripheral blood and Leukopaks that may be further processed for the isolation of lymphocytes.

1. Donors are screened for HIV (1 & 2), Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. For more detailed information on donor screening, please visit our Human Primary Cells overview page.
2. Fresh products currently available in the United States and Canada only (excluding Quebec).

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