Natural Killer Cell Research

Natural Killer (NK) cells, a subset of innate lymphocytes that lack antigen-specificity, have a high cytolytic activity and by releasing cytotoxic granules are able to eliminate infected cells. See MoreNK cells also recognize signals on ‘stressed’ cells, such as tumour cells and cells that have undergone physical or chemical injuries, which are also targeted for elimination. Based on their functions and characteristics, NK cells have been recently re-classified as part of the newly identified innate lymphoid cell (ILC) family.1 To study NK cells, isolate cells using our column-free cell isolation technology . Highly purified, functional NK cells can be isolated in as little as 8 minutes from virtually any source (e.g., whole blood, leukapheresis products, peripheral blood mononuclear cells and spleen) and are immediately ready for cytoxicity assays and other downstream applications.


  1. Spits H et al. (2013) Nat Rev Immunol 13(2): 145–149
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Whether you're starting from whole blood, leukopaks, or PBMCs, explore our complete portfolio of products to support your NK cell research workflow.


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