Chimerism Analysis

Chimerism analysis is important for detecting and monitoring the establishment of donor leukocytes in a recipient following bone marrow transplantation. See MoreIt requires sensitive and reliable techniques to detect the presence of donor leukocytes in the hosts’ peripheral blood and is greatly aided by the isolation of specific lymphocyte and myeloid populations from the test sample. EasySep™ has been optimized to provide highly purified cell populations for chimerism analysis through positive immunomagnetic strategies and can be fully automated with RoboSep™ instruments. Using RoboSep™, multiple cell lineages can be sequentially isolated through positive selection (e.g., CD3+, CD19+, CD33+/66b+, CD56+, etc.) from the same sample source while eliminating cross-contamination, cell activation, or other factors that may alter sample integrity. Cell populations can also be isolated directly from whole blood by negative selection using RosetteSep™ . Learn more about our cell isolation systems .

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