Automated closed-system immunomagnetic cell isolation instrument

Automated closed-system immunomagnetic cell isolation instrument

1 Unit
Catalog # 100-0186
Required Products
  1. RoboSep™-C PBS/EDTA Buffer
    RoboSep™-C PBS/EDTA Buffer

    Cell separation buffer

  2. RoboSep™-C Tubing Set
    RoboSep™-C Tubing Set

    For automated cell isolation with RoboSep™-C


Streamline your large scale cell isolations with the efficiency and throughput of RoboSep™-C. This platform automates immunomagnetic cell isolation in a closed system and can be easily integrated into your evolving workflow.

Using the same column-free immunomagnetic system offered by EasySep™ technology, RoboSep™-C reduces hands-on time and operator error by automating cell isolations from large volume apheresis products. The device also performs all necessary cell processing steps including sample washing, buffer exchange, and concentration through its Cell Wash Cartridge and biocompatible tubing set. Optimized protocols and reagents enable you to isolate highly purified and functional cells in as little as 65 minutes, enabling the scale-up of your operations and seamless integration into your workflow.

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Cell Isolation
Area of Interest
Cell Therapy, Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing, Immunology

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