Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research

Like neural stem and progenitor cells , brain tumor stem cells (BTSCs) can either be cultured as free-floating aggregates (neurospheres) or as an adherent monolayer of cells. See More NeuroCult™ NS-A Proliferation Kit supports the isolation and proliferation of brain tumor stem cells from both pediatric and adult tumors, and from a variety of central nervous system (CNS) tumor types including astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, medulloblastomas and ependymomas. This serum-free proliferation kit allows human neural stem cells to be expanded in long-term culture. For a xeno- and serum-free culture medium, use NeuroCult™-XF Proliferation Medium, designed to support prolonged and reproducible expansion of human neural stem and progenitor cells in culture. These standardized media enable efficient expansion of BTSCs in culture while maintaining self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation potential.

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Whether you’re starting from primary cells, tissue samples, or pluripotent stem cells, explore our complete portfolio of products to support your neural culture workflow.


Cell Culture Media and Supplements 4 (10)

Cell Storage Media 4 (2)

Tissue and Cell Culture Dissociation Reagents 4 (1)

Cytokines and Proteins 4 (6)

Small Molecules 4 (4)

  • QNZ

    NF-κB pathway inhibitor; Inhibits NF-κB
  • Quercetin

    mTOR, PI3K/AKT, NF-kB, and tyrosine kinase pathway inhibitor; Inhibits PI3K and SRC kinases
  • Compound E

    Notch pathway inhibitor; Inhibits Notch receptor and amyloid precursor protein
  • (±)-Flurbiprofen

    PI3K/AKT pathway inhibitor; Inhibits COX-1 and COX-2