Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research

Demonstrating differentiation potential is a critical step in the functional characterization of brain tumor stem cells, which should have the ability to generate all of the major neural cell types of the central nervous system (CNS). See MoreOur differentiation kits for human or mouse and rat cells are designed to enable differentiation of neural stem and progenitor cells or brain tumor stem cells to neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.

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Whether you’re starting from primary cells, tissue samples, or pluripotent stem cells, explore our complete portfolio of products to support your neural culture workflow.


Cell Culture Media and Supplements 4 (5)

Antibodies 4 (7)

Small Molecules 4 (3)

  • Neurodazine

    Inducer of neural differentiation
  • Compound E

    Notch pathway inhibitor; Inhibits Notch receptor and amyloid precursor protein
  • ISX-9

    Inducer of neural differentiation