Intestinal Organoid Training

Online and in-person training courses to support the culture of intestinal organoids

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Intestinal Organoid Virtual Training Starter Kit

Starter Kit to complement virtual training course. Access the Intestinal Organoid Classroom through the link in the blue box below

Registration/Cancellation Deadline 01/01/2019
Catalog #00261
788 USD


Intestinal Organoid In-Person Training

Next session dates will be based on participant demand and availability

Catalog #00262
1,499 USD

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Course Overview

Virtual Training (Catalog #00261)

Learn to culture mouse intestinal organoids in a defined and serum-free medium from the convenience of your own lab. Gain access to lectures and step-by-step procedural videos where our scientists demonstrate the entire protocol for growing mouse intestinal organoids.

Participants Receive

    In-Person Training (Catalog #00262)

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of the mouse intestinal organoid culture workflow. Learn to establish cultures from mouse small intestine and colon and how to maintain them in IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse). Participants will also gain experience with performing downstream assays.

    Participants Receive

    • Course booklet and electronic versions of instructional material
    • Certificate following successful completion of the course
    • Lunch and refreshments on each day and dinner hosted on one of the evenings
    Training and Education
    Training Programs
    Stem Cell Biology; Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing; Epithelial Cell Biology
    Intestinal Cells
    Online (Catalog #00261)

    STEMCELL Technologies
    1618 Station Street
    Vancouver, CA V6A 1B6

    United Kingdom:
    STEMCELL Technologies UK Ltd.
    Building 7100, Cambridge Research Park,
    Beach Drive, Waterbeach
    Cambridge, UK, CB25 9TL


    Speakers will vary depending on location.

    Dr. Ryan Conder
    Ryan Conder, PhD
    Senior Scientist and Team Lead of the Intestinal Group
    STEMCELL Technologies
    Dr. Salvatore Simmini
    Salvatore Simmini, PhD
    Scientist, Intestinal
    STEMCELL Technologies

    Course Agenda (Tentative)

    Virtual Training (Catalog #00261)

    • Lecture 1: Introduction to Intestinal Organoid Culture
    • Lecture 2: Functional Applications of Intestinal Organoid Culture
    • Session 1:
      • Thaw cryopreserved intestinal organoids and culture in IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse)
      • Observe organoid morphology in culture after 3 hours, 1 day and 2 days
    • Session 2: Observe time course of organoid morphology in culture and discuss long-term maintenance
    • Session 3:
      • Evaluate optimal organoid morphology for passaging and cryopreservation.
      • Passage mouse intestinal organoids and discuss cryopreservation
    • Session 4: Observe organoid morphology one day after passaging

    In-Person Training (Catalog #00262)

    Day One

    • Welcome Presentation and Introductions
    • Lecture: Overview of Intestinal Organoid Culture
    • Practical Session: Mouse Intestinal Organoid Morphology Cultured in IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium.
      • Observe time course of organoid morphology
      • Demonstration and hands-on practice with passaging mouse intestinal organoids
    • Practical Session: Mouse Crypt Isolation and Establishment of Organoid Culture from Small Intestine and Colon
    • Wrap Up and Q&A

    Day Two

    • Lecture: Applications of Mouse Intestinal Organoids and Current Development
    • Practical Session: Mouse Intestinal Organoid Maintenance
      • Observe organoid cultures from day 1
      • Demonstration of cryopreservation and thawing of mouse intestinal organoids
    • Practical Session: Downstream Assays for Intestinal Organoids
    • Wrap Up:
      • Q&A
      • Quiz
      • Course Evaluation
      • Certificate Presentation

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    Educational Materials