ArciTect™ crRNA (Custom CRISPR RNA) Order Form

Enter your desired ArciTect™ crRNA sequence in the table below using the following guidelines:

  • • Enter a 19-21 base RNA or DNA sequence (A, C, G, T or U)
  • • Ensure sequence is directly upstream of a protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) site in 5’ to 3’ orientation
  • • Do not include the PAM site (NGG)
  • • This tool will automatically convert a DNA sequence to RNA (i.e. T’s will be converted to U’s)
  • • Provide an unique guide RNA (gRNA) name for each sequence in the “Target Name” field
Review all entered sequences carefully prior to submitting. Changes and cancellations for ArciTect™ crRNA will not be accepted.

Once all entered sequences have been reviewed carefully, proceed to online checkout for payment processing or, for prepaid sequences, provide the required information and submit to complete the order process.