ISSCR Innovation Showcase: Advanced Brain Organoid Co-Culture Systems

In this Innovation Showcase talk from ISSCR 2020 Virtual, Dr. Erin Knock gives a detailed overview of advanced brain organoid co-culture systems.

Organoid technology is developing at a rapid pace with the field working to develop relevant disease models that are as close to human tissue as possible. In this talk she walks through some critical factors to consider before embarking on a study using organoid models. Beginning with a brief note on the importance of pluripotent stem cell (PSC) quality, she touches on how PSC-based models can inform and build upon work using animals. She then reviews some published examples of how increasingly complex PSC-derived culture systems are being used for disease modeling. Finally, she demonstrates the performance of three new PSC-based culture systems: the STEMdiff™ Brain-Region-Specific Organoid Kits for dorsal and ventral forebrain organoids, and the STEMdiff™ Microglia Culture Systems. She outlines how to use these systems and shows how to combine them as co-cultures relevant to disease modeling.

Publish Date: August 17, 2020 Views: 0