Generate Size-Controlled Spheroids and Embryoid Bodies Using AggreWell™ Microwell Plates

AggreWell™ plates provide an easy and standardized approach to control size of embryoid bodies (EBs) for differentiation by adjusting initial cell input

AggreWell™ microwell plates provide an easy and standardized approach to generate 3D cell aggregates of a defined size. Cell aggregates can be generated from many cell types, including cancer cell lines for tumor spheroid formation, and human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) for embryoid body (EB)-based differentiation protocols. Different AggreWell™ plate formats are available to suit your particular requirements.



Microwell size (diameter)

400 µm

800 µm

Aggregate size range (# of cells per microwell)

50 - 3,000

3,000 - 20,000

Plate format

24 wells

6 wells

24 wells

6 wells

Number of aggregates generated per well

~ 1,200

~ 5,900

~ 300

~ 1,500

Total number of aggregates per plate

~ 28,000

~ 35,400

~ 7,200

~ 9,000

Catalog #
1 plate/pack
5 plates/pack

Starter Kit*









*Starter Kits contain 2 AggreWell™ plates and 1 bottle of Anti-Adherence Rinsing Solution (Catalog #07010).

Here are some helpful tips when using AggreWell™ plates:

  • Prior to using AggreWell™ plates, Anti-Adherence Rinsing Solution (Catalog #07010) is required for all cell types during plate preparation steps to ensure optimal performance. Anti-Adherence Rinsing Solution prevents cell adhesion and promotes efficient EB and spheroid formation. Add Anti-Adherence Rinsing Solution to each well to be used and centrifuge plate at 2000 x g (or at maximum speed) for 5 minutes in a swinging bucket rotor fitted with plate holders.
  • To control just the EB or spheroid size, adjust the input cell seeding density.
  • Use the right kind of plates (e.g. AggreWell™400 vs AggreWell™800) for generating the appropriate size EBs. Do not overload the wells to generate larger EBs as this will result in excess cells spilling over the microwell edges, leading to poor performance.
  • When removing large EBs (2000 cells/EB or more) from the wells, use a large bore pipette tip or cut the end of a 1 mL pipette tip with sterile scissors to make the bore larger. This will prevent the breaking up of formed EBs.
  • AggreWell™ plates are intended for one-time use only. Regardless of whether all the wells are used, or just one well is used, we do not recommend using the plate again to prevent contamination.

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