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AggreWell™ plates provide a simple, user-friendly method to generate large numbers of highly uniform 3D cell spheroids. Compatible with a wide range of cell types, AggreWell™ can be used for many applications, including directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) using embryoid body (EB) protocols, as well as spheroids for cancer research, drug discovery research, and more.

AggreWell™ Product Offerings

AggreWell™ plates are available in 2 sizes of microwell: 400 µm (AggreWell™400) or 800 µm (AggreWell™800).

AggreWell™400 400 µm 50 - 3,000 cells per EB or spheroid 24-well plate ~ 1,200 per well 34411 (1 Pack)
34415 (5 Pack)
34450 (Starter Kit)
6-well plate ~ 5,900 per well 34421 (1 Pack)
34425 (5 Pack)
34460 (Starter Kit)

800 µm

3,000 - 20,000 cells per EB or spheroid

24-well plate

~ 300 per well

34811 (1 Pack)
34815 (5 Pack)
34850 (Starter Kit)
6-well plate

~ 1,500 per well

34821 (1 Pack)
34825 (5 Pack)
34860 (Starter Kit)
Starter kits contain 2 AggreWell™ plates and 1 bottle of AggreWell™ Rinsing Solution (Cat # 07010).

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