Processing Multiple Samples at One Time with the EasyEights™ Magnet

The is designed for cell separation procedures using selected EasySep™ reagents when simultaneously processing multiple samples, up to eight samples on each side, a total of 16 samples. The EasyEights™ Magnet has a large sample range, capable of processing small samples, starting at 0.1 x 10e8 cells, to larger samples, up to 8.5 x 10e8 cells.

Follow these important tips to ensure consistent results with the EasyEights™ Magnet:

  • Ensure that you follow the specific EasyEights™ protocol. This is a stand-alone protocol, and is not included in the standard Product Information Sheet (PIS).
    • Please check for a list of compatible kits. For further information, please contact Technical Support at
    • Incubation times in the EasyEights™ Magnet may be longer compared to EasySep™ Magnet and Big Easy EasySep™ Magnet protocols.
  • Use correct plasticware on the correct side of the magnet.
    • One side of the EasyEights™ EasySep™ Magnet (STEMCELL Technologies logo) is designed to hold up to 8 x 5 mL polystyrene Round-Bottom tubes (e.g. Falcon® 5 mL Polystyrene Round-Bottom Tubes; Corning® Catalog #352058).
    • The other side (EasySep™ logo) is designed to hold up to 8 x 14 mL polystyrene round-bottom tubes (e.g. Falcon® 14 mL Polystyrene Round-Bottom Tubes; Corning® Catalog #352057) or 8 x 15 mL conical tubes (e.g. Corning®, Catalog #430053).

    Figure 1a - 5 mL tubes in EasyEights™ EasySep™ Magnet

    Figure 1b - 14 mL tube in EasyEights™ EasySep™ Magnet
  • Ensure all tubes are correctly seated in the magnet for consistent performance.

    Figure 2a - 5 mL tube seated correctly

    Figure 2b - 5 mL tube seated incorrectly

    Figure 2c - 14 mL tubes in EasyEights™ EasySep™ Magnet. The third tube is seated incorrectly; it is not sitting in the indentation. The other tubes are all seated correctly.

  • At the end of the procedure, pipette off the supernatant, do not pour off. It is recommended to collect the entire enriched cell suspension, all at once, into a single pipette.

    We recommend using:

    • A 2 mL serological pipette for the EasyEights™ 5 mL tubes.
    • A 10 mL serological pipette for the EasyEights™ 14 mL tubes.

  • Video: Pipetting off samples with EasyEights™ EasySep™ magnet

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