StemSpan™ CD34+ Expansion Supplement (10X)

Serum-free culture supplement for expansion of human CD34+ hematopoietic cells

StemSpan™ CD34+ Expansion Supplement (10X)

Serum-free culture supplement for expansion of human CD34+ hematopoietic cells

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Serum-free culture supplement for expansion of human CD34+ hematopoietic cells

Product Advantages

• Formulated to selectively expand and produce large numbers of human CD34+ hematopoietic cells in liquid cultures initiated with CD34+ CB or BM cells.
• Optimized for use with StemSpan™ media. When combined with StemSpan™ SFEM II in particular, supports at least 50% higher expansion of CD34+ human CB cells when compared to other serum-free media on the market.
• Supplied as a 10X concentrate. After thawing and mixing, the tube contents can be added directly to any hematopoietic cell expansion medium of choice.


StemSpan™ CD34+ Expansion Supplement (10X) contains a combination of recombinant human cytokines and other additives formulated to selectively promote the expansion of CD34+ cells isolated from human cord blood (CB) or bone marrow (BM) samples.

StemSpan™ CD34+ Expansion Supplement typically promotes ~40-fold expansion of total nucleated cells in 7-day liquid cultures of CD34+ human cord blood (CB) cells. After one week, ~40% of the cultured cells express CD34, indicative of >10-fold expansion of input CD34+ CB cells. This expansion may be further increased with the addition of small molecules such as UM729. See data tab for more details.

StemSpan™ CD34+ Expansion Supplement (10X) is intended for use in combination with any of the following StemSpan™ media:
• StemSpan™ SFEM (Catalog #09600)
• StemSpan™ SFEM II (Catalog #09605)
• StemSpan™-XF (Catalog #100-0073)
• StemSpan™-AOF (Catalog #100-0130)
• Recombinant human fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand (Flt3L)
• Recombinant human stem cell factor (SCF)
• Recombinant human interleukin 3 (IL-3)
• Recombinant human interleukin 6 (IL-6)
• Recombinant human thrombopoietin (TPO)
• Other additives
Cell Type
Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
Cell Culture, Expansion
Area of Interest
Stem Cell Biology, Transplantation Research

Data Figures

Table 1. HSC Expansion Culture with CD34+ Human Cord Blood Cells Cultured in StemSpan™ SFEM Containing CD34+ Expansion Supplement

HSC Expansion Culture with CD34+ Human Cord Blood Cells Cultured in StemSpan™ SFEM Containing CD34+ Expansion Supplement

Shown are the percent CD34+ cells, fold expansion of total nucleated cells (TNC) and CD34+ cells, and numbers of colony-forming units (CFU) produced per input CD34+ cell after 7 days of hsc expansion culture of enriched CD34+ cells from six independent cord blood (CB) samples. *95% confidence limits, the range within which 95% of the results will typically fall. ND: not done

Comparison of HSC expansion in different StemSpan™ media containing CD34+ Expansion Supplement

Figure 1. Comparison of CD34+ Cell Expansion in Different StemSpan™ Media Containing CD34+ Expansion Supplement

Average expansion of (A) total nucleated cells (TNC), (B) CD34+ cells and (C) colony-forming units (CFU), normalized relative to the values obtained in StemSpan™ SFEM (grey bars) after culturing purified hematopoietic CD34+ cord blood cells (n=6) for 7 days in StemSpan™ SFEM, SFEM II (blue bars) or AOF (orange bars) media containing CD34+ Expansion Supplement. Vertical lines indicate 95% confidence limits, the range within which 95% of results will typically fall. Cell yields in StemSpan™ SFEM II were on average ~60% higher than in StemSpan™ SFEM and StemSpan™-AOF. *p<0.001, #p<0.05 (paired t-test, n=6 in A and B, n=4 in C).

Note: Data for StemSpan™-AOF shown were generated with the original phenol red-containing version StemSpan™-ACF (Catalog #09855). However internal testing showed that the performance of the new phenol red-free, cGMP-manufactured version, StemSpan™-AOF (Catalog #100-0130) was comparable.

Protocols and Documentation

Find supporting information and directions for use in the Product Information Sheet or explore additional protocols below.

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Resources and Publications

Publications (1)

Intrinsic Immunity Shapes Viral Resistance of Stem Cells. Wu X et al. Cell 2018 JAN


Stem cells are highly resistant to viral infection compared to their differentiated progeny; however, the mechanism is mysterious. Here, we analyzed gene expression in mammalian stem cells and cells at various stages of differentiation. We find that, conserved across species, stem cells express a subset of genes previously classified as interferon (IFN) stimulated genes (ISGs) but that expression is intrinsic, as stem cells are refractory to interferon. This intrinsic ISG expression varies in a cell-type-specific manner, and many ISGs decrease upon differentiation, at which time cells become IFN responsive, allowing induction of a broad spectrum of ISGs by IFN signaling. Importantly, we show that intrinsically expressed ISGs protect stem cells against viral infection. We demonstrate the in vivo importance of intrinsic ISG expression for protecting stem cells and their differentiation potential during viral infection. These findings have intriguing implications for understanding stem cell biology and the evolution of pathogen resistance.

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