Human Peripheral Blood CD19+CD27+ Memory B Cells, Frozen

Primary human cells, frozen

Human Peripheral Blood CD19+CD27+ Memory B Cells, Frozen

Primary human cells, frozen

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Primary human cells, frozen
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What's Included

  • STEMscript™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix, 2 x 100 µL
  • Nuclease-Free Water, 2 x 1.25 mL
  • STEMscript™ Reaction Buffer with Oligo(dT) Primers, 2 x 200 µL


Choose ready-to-use, ethically sourced, primary human CD19+CD27+ memory B cells. We help you get the cells you need with personalized service, custom products, flexible delivery times, and the option to reserve entire lots to prescreen cells for applications.

CD19+CD27+ memory B cells are isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells using positive immunomagnetic separation. If desired, donor-matched CD19+CD27- naïve B cells (Catalog #200-0321; subsequently isolated using negative immunomagnetic separation) may be purchased separately. Cells are obtained using Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved consent forms and protocols and cryopreserved in animal component-free CryoStor® CS10 medium. Additional documentation, high-resolution HLA typing (Class I and Class II alleles), and CMV status are available upon request. Acid-citrate-dextrose solution A (ACDA) is used as an anticoagulant during collection.

Request custom services in the comment box above, after selecting from the product options. These include alternative formats (size, vials, anti-coagulant), product characterizations (HLA status, blood type, genotype, phenotype, etc.), donor specifications (e.g. BMI category, smoking status, ethnicity, etc.), and additional viral screening (CMV, EBV, etc.). Donors are screened for HIV-1, HIV-2, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. A summary of product information is available on the Certificate of Analysis.

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CryoStor® CS10
Cell Type
B Cells
Cell and Tissue Source
Peripheral Blood
Memory B Cells are ≥ 85% CD19+CD27+ by flow cytometry, Naive B Cells are ≥ 85% CD19+CD27- by flow cytometry

Protocols and Documentation

Find supporting information and directions for use in the Product Information Sheet or explore additional protocols below.

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