RoboSep™-C Human T Cell Isolation Kit

Immunomagnetic negative selection kit
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The RoboSep™-C Human T Cell Isolation Kit is designed to isolate untouched and highly purified T cells from fresh human peripheral blood leukopaks using RoboSep™-C (Catalog #100-0185 and #100-0186) for automated immunomagnetic negative selection.

This kit targets non-T cells for removal with antibodies recognizing specific cell surface markers. Using RoboSep™-C in a fully automated protocol, unwanted
cells are labeled with antibodies and magnetic particles, and separated without columns using a RoboSep™-C magnet. The desired untouched cells are washed and
concentrated by RoboSep™-C and transferred to a final product bag. Isolated cells are immediately available for downstream applications such as flow
cytometry, culture, or cryopreservation.
⦁ Fully automated large-scale isolation in a closed system
⦁ Up to 99% purity with high recovery
⦁ Untouched, viable cells
  • RoboSep™-C Human T Cell Isolation Cocktail, 10 mL
  • RoboSep™-C Dextran RapidSpheres™ 30106, 10 mL
Magnet Compatibility
• RoboSep™-C (Catalog #100-0186)
Cell Isolation Kits
Cell Type
T Cells
Sample Source
Selection Method
Cell Isolation
Area of Interest
Cell Therapy, Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing, Immunology

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FACS Profile Results with RoboSep™-C Human T Cell Isolation Kit

Figure 1. Typical RoboSep™-C Human T Cell Isolation Profile

Starting from a fresh human peripheral blood leukopak, the T cell content (CD3+) of the isolated fraction is typically 96.0 ± 3.2% (mean ± SD). In the above example, the purities of the start and final isolated fractions are 65.9% and 97.5%, respectively.

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