PSC Quality Control

Human embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are valuable tools for studying human development and disease, as well as a source of differentiated cells for use in regenerative medicine and drug discovery. With the first clinical trials underway, assuring the quality of these cells over long-term maintenance is critical for their safe use in clinical applications.


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Cell Culture Media and Supplements (47)

  • mTeSR™ Plus|05825

    mTeSR™ Plus

    cGMP, stabilized feeder-free maintenance medium for human ES and iPS cells
  • New TeSR™-AOF


    Animal origin-free, stabilized, feeder-free maintenance medium for human ES and iPS cells
  • TeSR™-E8™


    Feeder-free, animal component-free culture medium for maintenance of human ES and iPS cells
  • CloneR™


    Defined supplement for single-cell cloning of human ES and iPS cells

Antibodies (410)

Matrices and Substrates (42)

  • CellAdhere™ Laminin-521

    CellAdhere™ Laminin-521

    Matrix for maintenance of human ES and iPS cells in combination with TeSR™ maintenance media
  • Vitronectin XF™

    Vitronectin XF™

    Defined, xeno-free matrix that supports the growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells under serum-free, feeder-free conditions

Training and Education (41)

  • PSC Training Course

    Pluripotent Stem Cell Training

    Training to support the culture of hPSCs and their differentiation towards cerebral organoids, intestinal organoids, cardiomyocytes, or hematopoietic progenitors

Cultureware and General Supplies (41)

Genome Editing and Molecular Tools (42)

Tissue and Cell Culture Dissociation Reagents (41)

  • ReLeSR™|05872


    cGMP, enzyme-free human pluripotent stem cell selection and passaging reagent