Hybridoma Production

The first step in hybridoma generation involves immunizing the chosen host species against a specific antigen and obtaining B cells from the spleen, lymph nodes or other tissues. See MorePre-enrichment of the B cells from the source tissue may be performed using immunomagnetic cell separation . The B cells are then fused with an ‘immortal’ myeloma cell line lacking a functional gene that prevents the myeloma cells from being able to obtain nucleotides for DNA synthesis via the salvage pathway. This characteristic is exploited during the next step of hybridoma selection and cloning. To support growth of myeloma cells, use our pre-fusion medium . For the fusion process, use our hybridoma fusion medium , fusion recovery medium , and polyethylene glycol (PEG) . Our hybridoma generation kit provides the media and reagents needed for all steps in hybridoma development.

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