Digital Resources for Your Lab: Stay Connected to Your Field

You can maintain research momentum and feel connected to your field even if you are out of the lab. The following scientific resources can help you and your lab keep up to date with the latest discoveries and stay connected with the global research community.

Virtual conference exhibitions

Visit Virtual Conference Exhibitions

Attend scientific talks, browse posters, and join discussions on immunology, pluripotent stem cells, and organoids.

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Watching a webinar on a laptop

Watch Live Virtual Events

Register for upcoming digital experiences hosted by STEMCELL, including online journal clubs and live webinars.

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Science News

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Keep current with your field. Subscribe to Science News for free, weekly newsletters featuring recent top peer-reviewed research and review papers, as well as policy and science news.

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Person listening to a podcast

Listen to the Stem Cell Podcast

Listen to updates and insights on the latest publications, and conversations with experts in the stem cell field. Download episodes from your favorite podcast app, or stream episodes live on the Stem Cell Podcast website.

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Learn how to use social media to stay current in your field of research with our webinar featuring STEMCELL’s Scientific Communications team! You can also join discussions with fellow researchers through our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.

Discover more resources below to learn about new techniques, stay up-to-date on popular scientific discussions, find productivity tips, and more.

Emerging and Essential Techniques

Popular Scientific Discussions

Productivity, Organization, and Career Tips

Scientific Resource Centers

Explore our extensive collection of webinars, researcher profiles and articles, organized by research fields.

Resources for COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Researchers

If you’re working on COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, here are some tools and resources to support your research.

Tools and Reagents to Support COVID-19 Research

Tools for COVID-19 Research

Having the right tools and support is essential for accelerating scientific discovery for COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. As Scientists Helping Scientists, we are here to help with relevant tools, products, and support for your research.

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Using ALI Cultures to Study Viruses

Studying Viral Infection with ALI Cultures

Learn what makes ALI cultures a physiologically relevant model system and explore how researchers are using them to study viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

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You can also subscribe to Immunology of Infectious Disease News to receive weekly newsletters highlighting recent research publications and news on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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