ClonaCell™ FLEX

Semi-solid methylcellulose-based medium for selecting and cloning cells
ClonaCell™ FLEX

Semi-solid methylcellulose-based medium for selection and cloning of cells

45 mL
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ClonaCell™ FLEX is a base methylcellulose medium that requires the addition of a 2X concentrate of the user’s own liquid medium to create a custom semi-solid cloning medium. This allows the user to adapt an existing liquid cloning method to a customized semi-solid cloning method. ClonaCell™ FLEX is recommended for selection and cloning of suspension-adapted mammalian cells, including CHO cells and hybridomas. The medium is chemically defined, animal component-free, and protein-free. It does not contain L-glutamine, selection agents, or phenol red. ClonaCell™ FLEX is compatible with a wide range of selection systems, including dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), glutamine synthetase (GS), and hypoxanthine, aminopterin, thymidine (HAT).

Benefits of semi-solid cloning:
• Individual clones and their progeny remain localized together in a semi-solid matrix as they grow to form distinct colonies. This prevents the loss of rare, high-producing clones by overgrowth from faster-growing cells, as can occur during selection in a liquid medium, and facilitates the isolation of a diverse set of clones with a wide range of growth rates and productivities to be obtained for downstream screening.
• Colonies obtained from semi-solid medium have a high probability of monoclonality, allowing clonal cell lines to be generated in less time and using fewer resources than with limiting dilution cloning.
• Colonies can be easily picked from the semi-solid medium by manual or robotic methods and dispersed into a liquid growth medium for screening and expansion.
• Allows the user to convert an existing liquid cloning method into a semi-solid cloning method using a 2X concentrate of their liquid medium of choice
• Flexibility to create a custom semi-solid medium optimized for cloning a wide variety of mammalian or non-mammalian cell types
• Methylcellulose
• Water
Semi-Solid Media, Specialized Media
Cell Type
CHO Cells, HEK-293, Hybridomas, Other
Mouse, Other
Cell Culture, Semi-Solid Cloning
Area of Interest
Antibody Development, Cell Line Development, Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing, Hybridoma Generation
Animal Component-Free, Serum-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free

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ClonaCell™ FLEX
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ClonaCell™ FLEX
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Frequently Asked Question

Is the serum in ClonaCell™-TCS medium heat inactivated?

Yes, all serum used in ClonaCell™ is heat inactivated.

Is there any IgG in ClonaCell™ TCS?

While we don't add IgG to the ClonaCell™ media, we do add serum, which contains an undefined amount of IgG. We selectively use serum lots with low IgG levels in the production of ClonaCell™ media, however, levels vary from lot to lot. IgG levels in a specific lot of ClonaCell™ TCS medium are available in the lot-specific Certificate of Analysis.

Can ClonaCell™-TCS be used with any cell line?

A list of recommended cell lines can be found in the manual. Other cell lines may be compatible with ClonaCell™-TCS. It will be necessary, however, to determine the plating cell density and growth efficiency of the desired cells in ClonaCell™-TCS.
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