Optimizing Organoid Models to Better Predict Clinical Outcomes

One of the most promising aspects of research using organoid models is the possibility to screen cultures derived from individual patient tissue samples to better predict clinical outcomes. In this webinar, Dr. Sylvia Boj (HUB Organoids) and Dr. Martin Stahl (STEMCELL Technologies) discussed the products, protocols, and assays that enable the use of organoid models in drug discovery research, with a focus on intestinal and liver organoids. First, Dr. Boj presented an overview of patient-derived organoid models curated by the HUB and how they can be used to predict gastrointestinal and liver drug-induced toxicity. Following this, Dr. Stahl described the functional benefits of IntestiCult™ cell culture applications for drug development and the resulting effects on cell viability, proliferation, epithelial integrity, and barrier function.
Publish Date: July 06, 2023