ISSCR Innovation Showcase: Applications of Organoid and Organotypic Cultures in Infectious Diseases, Nephrotoxicity, and Highly Relevant Cell-Based Assay

In this Innovation Showcase talk from ISSCR 2020 Virtual, Drs. Juan Hou, Martin Stahl, and Philipp Kramer show how organoids can be used to study infectious diseases, nephrotoxicity, and cell-based assay development.

Organoid and organotypic cultures have expanded the limit to which in vitro cell cultures can be used to answer scientific questions. In addition to continuously defining new ways to culture organoids from a wide-range of different tissue types, as was the focus in the last decade, researchers are now actively exploring how organoids can be used as tools to expedite life sciences discoveries and the development of potential treatments. This session provides an overview of how different types of organoids are utilized to better understand human diseases, such as COVID-19, and how organoids can be used in place of immortalized cell lines as a more physiologically relevant method for assay development.
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