Hybridoma and Mammalian Cell Line Development

Hybridomas, CHO cells and other mammalian cell lines are used for recombinant antibody and protein production. Generating stable cell lines which correctly and productively express the protein of interest is a lengthy and complex process. One of the most important considerations is achieving monoclonality of the cell line, while also encouraging robust cell expansion.

We've created these resources to help you accelerate your cell line development and get to production sooner.

Semi-Solid Cloning with ClonaCell™

Cloning hybridomas and CHO cells can be done faster and more efficiently using semi-solid cloning, compared to traditional cloning techniques. During semi-solid cloning, individual cells are immobilized within a viscous, semi-solid medium and grow into discrete, monoclonal colonies. Picking these colonies enables isolation of a large number of diverse clones with a high probability of monoclonality.

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