In Vitro Tissue Modeling Innovations: Hepatic, Alveolar, and Intestinal Organoids

In this Innovation Showcase talk from ISSCR 2023, Riya Sharma and Dr. Ryan Conder introduce new, advanced culture systems for hepatic, alveolar, and intestinal cells.

They first describe an efficient, serum-free system for generating hepatocyte-like cells and mature liver organoids from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs). Next, they introduce an optimized culture system for efficiently expanding human alveolar type 2 cells for subsequent differentiation into type 1 cells. This culture system design addresses current respiratory research challenges by allowing type 2 cells to maintain their phenotype and ability to self-renew without support from stromal or feeder cells. Finally, this webinar also covers an intestinal organoid differentiation workflow to generate mature, functional culture incorporating enterocyte, goblet cell, and enteroendocrine cell populations, all while maintaining a small Lgr5+ stem cell population.

As a sponsor of, and participant in, ISSCR’s 2023 Annual Meeting, we share with you our Innovation Showcase presentation at #ISSCR2023. This presentation does not represent an endorsement from or support of the ISSCR.
Publish Date: July 31, 2023