“Exploring Regulatory T Cells” Featuring Dr. Michael Rosenblum

On this episode of the Immunology Podcast, Dr. Michael Rosenblum talks about regulatory T cells in the skin and how they can be manipulated to fight autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Dr. Michael Rosenblum is a Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. His lab seeks to understand how immune responses are regulated in tissues and how this knowledge can be exploited for therapeutic benefit. They are currently investigating how regulatory T cells (Tregs) control immune responses in tissues, as well as their “alternative” functions. He talks about early-life inflammation and type 2 helper T cells in the skin, and how Tregs can be manipulated to target autoimmune diseases and cancer.

It was exciting to discuss with Dr. Rosenblum the therapeutic path forward for Tregs, particularly in the skin.

Dr. Jason Goldsmith, host

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This Episode's Immunology Roundup:

Publish Date: November 02, 2022