STEMCELL Technologies and PBS Biotech Partner to Enable Robust Scale Up of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell 3D Cultures

STEMCELL Technologies and PBS Biotech Partner to Enable Robust Scale Up of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell 3D Cultures

STEMCELL Technologies Inc. and PBS Biotech Inc. have announced their supply partnership to make the PBS-MINI Bioreactor available through STEMCELL Technologies for researchers looking to scale up their human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) cultures. By enabling the reliable and scalable suspension culture of hPSCs, this partnership will help scientists obtain the quantity and quality of cells needed to advance their research.

Common barriers to culturing large numbers of hPSCs include the surface area restrictions of traditional 2D cultures and the challenges of achieving the ideal growth conditions for anchorage-dependent and shear-sensitive human cells in 3D cultures. PBS Biotech offers a scalable, low-shear bioreactor system for high-throughput, suspension-based culture of hPSCs, typically grown as aggregates. This innovative instrument enables researchers to rapidly and reliably achieve high volumes of hPSC aggregates in suspension while maintaining high viability and cell quality for downstream differentiation and other applications.

The PBS-MINI is compatible with STEMCELL’s TeSR™ family of 3D suspension culture media, providing a convenient pathway for scaling up hPSC cultures already established in TeSR™ media. By using the PBS Biotech system in combination with media such as mTeSR™3D, researchers can achieve the robust scale-up of hPSC cultures without the need for anti-foaming agents or shear protectants. To see performance data of mTeSR™3D with the PBS-MINI, click here.

“STEMCELL is thrilled to partner with PBS Biotech to share their single-use bioreactor technology and our specialized 3D media. Helping scientists to generate a large number of high-quality cells and scale up their operations will ultimately enable them to reach their research goals sooner,” says Dr. Allen Eaves, CEO and President of STEMCELL Technologies. “This partnership establishes a clear path to hPSC scalability and supports the efficient advancement of cell therapy research.”

“PBS Biotech is excited to work with STEMCELL to offer innovative solutions for robust scale up of hPSCs,” says Brian Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of PBS Biotech. “STEMCELL’s global reach will accelerate early adoption of the PBS-MINI in conjunction with the TeSR™ family of 3D suspension culture media.”

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